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Duplicate existing sheet (Google Sheets Service)

I just purchased the Google Sheets service. I see how I can create a brand new spreadsheet, but am confused about how I can go about duplicating an existing spreadsheet in the drive and using that as a “template” for the new spreadsheet.

As in, I don’t want my new spreadsheet to be blank. I want it to to already have all the sheets that the base had. Any help would be very appreciated!

Hi @davidjsap,

Thanks for reaching out. It is possible to duplicate by using ‘Copy File (Drive)’ action or ‘Copy Sheet To Another’ action as a workaround. You can check the available plugin data calls and actions in the Plugins Tab within your editor, for more information.
However, if you experience the same or any other issues, please share more details like screenshots/screencast of your app and workflow when issue triggers, what you are trying to accomplish, console logs in case of errors, browser and OS version etc. This way, we can better check on it and provide a working solution.

Hope it helps.