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Dynamic Height issue


Hi! I’ve bought the Dynamic Height & Width plugin a few days ago, but I can’t get it to work properly in one specific case. Check out this page: HIDDEN

I’ve applied the plugin for both the menu area (left sidebar), as the main body of the page. It is working for the sidebar, but not for the body of the page, as you can see in this image:

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can solve this issue? You can check my setup yourself at: HIDDEN


Hey @trugen, so as i checked in yours application you have activate the plugin for the Body, and Sidebar, but in the body there is one more group, and i think that you should activate for Service Group dynamic height and in this case it should work as expected.

Thank you.


Thanks for your quick reply @Nikita.S! What group are you mentioning with ‘Service Group’? Can you name the exact group so I can apply a ID attribute and activate the dynamic height? I already activated it for the group called “Group Bottom Body”.


So, I’ve looked in to this issue a bit deeper, but it looks like the repeating group is the issue. Check the url now. I’ve added a 4 seconds delay before showing the RG, before it is visible; the plugin is doing its work, when the RG is visible, it doesnt work anymore. Adding the plugin’s workflow action doesnt work as well…


I mean this one group, it’s isn’t dynamical.

I think you can try my troubleshooting, without delay for RG, and in case it works let me know if it’s not we will try something else.

Thank you.


@Nikita.S Please check the editor link I’ve sent once again. Is this how you suggested to set it up? If so, it isn’t working as we were hoping for. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help by the way, I appreciate it.


Hey @trugen lets try one more thing in plugin edit menu there is a dropdown with the title depending on, choose option page and check how it works.

Thank you.


@Nikita.S Only the “Group Services” I guess? Do I have to drag and drop another dynamic-height block?

I can change the app to ‘everyone can edit’ if you want to try it out yourself…


@truegen, yes be so kind and give me access, I will check it out, this will be the best way to help you.

Thank you.


Done. Please check if you can edit the app.


Yes, @trugen I’m able now to edit thank you.

I will come back with the solution ASAP.
Thank you,


I’ve sent you the link in DM and removed it from the opening post.


@Nikita.S Any news regarding this bug?


So, I decided to take a look at this problem once again and I’ve found a workaround. I created a Workflow -> On page load with a delay of 1500 ms. After that, the dynamic-height workflow gets in. This workaround works, but isnt ideal.

Too bad you guys didnt manage to help me out. This solution isn’t that hard to find.


Hey @truegen, we know that this one method can help you, but our goal is to provide the best services, and to provide the best plugins, that’s why we send this plugin to bug fixing, and I didn’t suggest you this one solution, cause it’s not perfect, and it couldn’t be used for solving the problem.

So on we will deploy the plugin update without this issue, and you just will need to update it.

That’s one is the perfect solution, just be patient.

Thank you,


Hey @truegen, we have updated the up, now you can set the delay from the element settings popup just define the quantity of ms in field delay for RG.

This one is much better than to delay all page loading, it makes your website working faster and with less loading.

So update the plugin and enjoy it.