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Dynamic Height Plugin Help

I’m having issues with the dynamic height plugin. I’m working on a mobile-focused site. The gray bar on top & the icon bar at the bottom are floating groups.

The colored blocks are normal groups, nested inside a main group that is stretched in between the two floating groups.

I want the color groups to stretch 100% height on any screen size. How would I use the dynamic height plugin to accomplish this?

I’m looking to accomplish this type of design: https://pin.it/1xvUmgQ

Hi, @zach!

Thanks for reaching out!

We are checking the possibility to achieve that. Please bear with us, while we’re checking. Thanks for understanding!

Best, Julia.

Thanks! I am happy to give you access through a DM if you would like to checkout my bubble environment. I just can’t figure out how to configure the plugin correctly and in which groups to apply it to. Thank you for your help :sunglasses:

Hi, @zach!

So, we have checked out and, I’m afraid, with the Dynamic Height Plugin it is impossible to accomplish this effect. But you can do this through the bubble functionality- collapse this element’s height when hidden. Here a short video about how you can make this: https://www.loom.com/share/1a37510556f84c73b9928888662f9f5b

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.

Hi @julia.minacova, what about the screen below. I would like to have the height of this green background cover the full 100% height of each screen size that may access the app (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc). What setting would I apply? Also, is there a user manual for this plugin? I can’t seem to find an explanation of how you set this up.

Hi, @zach!

To have the height of the group cover the full 100% height of each screen size you need to indicate in the field Depending on - Page and in the field Element Position- Fixed. Also, you need to set Height % - 100, and Width %, for example, 50. It is important to understand that the element will have a height 100% of the page and width 50% of the page as well.

I’m afraid, there is no documentation for this plugin, but you can test it in the editor changing the settings to understand and see how it works. Try to change the height instead of the width to see the effect better.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitatу to contact us!
Best, Juila.