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Dynamic Height Plugin Issue



I purchased the Dynamic Height plugin but seem to be having an issue with it. I have applied the plugin to the index element and set it to 100% of the viewport height. But the issue I’m having is when I load the page on mobile, the page scrolls down a little bit (it shouldn’t scroll since the height should dynamically be a 100% of the viewport height), then when I scroll back up it locks and then it no longer scrolls. So the plugin only seems to actually work once I scroll up and down a little bit.


Dear mwazir1, hello

Concerning your issue with the Dynamic Height plugin.
Let us to assure you that your issue will be reslved asap. Our Support Team is working on it.

To help us better understand the problem, please provide the details on your issue, like the following:

  • identify which type of the element you have used on your page with the Dynamic Height plugin;
  • provide screenshots of each elements’ properties, placed on your page (example);
  • if it is possible, please provide the short video record of the main issue (screencapture of your phone, when the page scrolls down and no longer scrolls).

With your assistance we can resolve your issue shortly. Please provide the details, listed above.

Best wishes,