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Dynamic height plugin not responsive

Hi I have got the dynamic height plugin to successfully increase the size of my repeatable group when I go full screen (using your full screen plugin), however the contents of the repeatable group do not expand to fill the space, even though I have set up the responsiveness stuff. See image below of the repeating group not expanding its contents.

This may be an issue with the full screen plugin of yours perhaps as I have having some similar issues with that plugin that I am waiting to hear back about.

Hello again, please offer more detail on your application, so we can help you with your questions. It would be nice if you gave some screenshots with the editor and workflow.
Best regards, Vitalie.

Sorry Vitalie. Here’s some more detail:

The reusable element I am enlarging

The icon element that is being used to trigger the fullscreen plugin:

How the page looks in the responsiveness editor

Feel free to let me know what other information might be help

Hello @alex3,
To setup dynamic height you need to specify the ID’s in the dynamic height element, as specified in the small demo screenshot below

Best regards,

hi vitalie, I have the id already set for the reusable element but only the background colour can be seen to resize.

@alex3 Hello again! Please send some screenshots.

Hello @alex3

Let me jump in here. Sorry the trouble, however this plugin is mention to work with any element directly, while repeating groups has own behavior, when it comes to height, and this is in collision with our plugin behavior.
You can apply “vertical scrolling” for your repeating group (or “fixed number of cells”), so the repeating group will behave the way you need, but the inner elements will ignore the settings of the parent, so it won’t look so good.

Meaning it works for repeating groups which have fixed height, it won’t work with repeating groups that have dynamic height.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Dumitru, thanks for your help. Sorry to confuse matters, but when I made my original post I said repeating group when I actually meant reusable group. I corrected myself in a later post but should go back to my original post and correct my mistake.

At the moment I am more interested in getting the your full screen plugin to work. Not sure if the issues are related. With that the focus and floating groups don’t show (even when all placed into the same group )

This appears to be working fine provided I dont try and use it to adjust the reusable group to full screen and just use it for adjusting the group height. Once the Full Screen plugin fixes the reusable group bug then all will be sorted :slight_smile:

Thanks those who tried to help out

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