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Dynamic Height Plugin



I subscribed to the dynamic height plugin for my repeating group but it doesnt appear to work, is this a glitch on my end?


Hello, can you please post some screenshots of your plugin settings so we can help you troubleshoot?


No matter the settings it doesnt work for my repeating group. (EX: https://gyazo.com/a8a6be136735471e592b15605abda5c6 )

Could you show the dynamic height working on repeating group in the demo?


Hello @xnic519 ,

Unfortunately repeating groups are out of scope of this plugin. This plugin is mention to work with any element directly, while repeating groups has own behaviour, when it comes to height, and this is in collision with our plugin behaviour.
You can apply “vertical scrolling” for your repeating group (or “fixed number of cells”), so the repeating group will behave the way you need, but the inner elements will ignore the settings of the parent, so it won’t look so good.
We have settled the demo, to demonstrate week sides of such setup: