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Easy File Downloader on iOS - errors

Hi team,

I’m using the Easy File Downloader and it works great on desktop and Android (via an Internet browser).

But when I try use it on an iOS device (through Safari), it doesn’t always work. When I click the download button (which links to the Parent Group’s AWS Link - uploaded through the AWS File Uploader), I always get a popup that asks “Displaying New Document: Use Save As… to download, then click back to return to this page”. If I click ‘OK’, I get taken to a 'blob page:

  • Audio (mp3) and video files (.mp4, .mov): The popup is shown, I click ‘OK’ and I’m taken to the ‘blob’ page, but then the phone doesn’t load the music or video. I’ve used the Circle Music Player and Video.js and the files display fine. So the problem is that I can’t download audio or video files on iOS (iPhone 5s).. Using the Zeroqode demo, the phone shows the popup and the audio player and the file (a .wav) plays - but that’s just a .wav and there is no way to download the file (the Share menu doesn’t have a ‘Save File’ option, and long-pressing does nothing).

  • Image: The phone loads the image successfully and if I click the ‘Share’ button (or long-press the image) I can save it to the phone using ‘Save File’.

  • PDF: The phone loads it successfully and I can save the PDF

The blob address looks like this for any file: blob:https://teleportit.app/9f79faeb-8a95-4f09-bb97-aa553e93d879

Your help with this would be much appreciated!!

Thanks team :smiley:

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Hello, @mccjon99. Thanks for reaching out.

Our Tech Team will investigate your issue and revert to you asap. It might take some time, so please be patient :pray:

Thanks for understanding.


I have checked the documentation and found out that on versions before 13, functionality of downloading media files through the websites does not work.
So if you want to download media (.mp3, mp4, etc.) and other unsupported (ISO, RAR, Zip, etc.) file formats, Safari for iOS won’t help you to do so.

This limitation is defined by the architecture of the operational system. More information regarding versions 13 (iOS / iPadOS) and their features can be found here:

iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210393#13
iPadOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210394

This issue directly impacts the functionalities of the plugin Easy file downloader.
Apologies for the inconvenience

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Hey Kate,

Sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ve removed audio and video downloads from my MVP for now.

Thanks again!

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