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Easy File Downloader - When names have commas


I seem to have run into an issue when trying to allow my users to download multiple files. If the name of one of the files contains commas, it things that a new name has begun and starts to name the following file. This is a major issue as all the following files are not incorrectly named. Is there any way to fix this or circumvent this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

It also seems like the names are sorting improperly and matching with the wrong files. I tried to use “find and replace” to remove all commas from the names, but it is now mismatching the names and files.

I tested this using regular text elements. It seems that the file URLs and file names are lining up when put into text elements, even when utilizing the “find and replace” operator to remove any commas… I’m thinking the plugin might be sorting these differently which is why the files are downloaded with the wrong names.

Hello, @gbenchanoch
Thanks for using our plugin and for your question.

Please allow me to mention that we will check this point with our developer team. I will revert with feedback immediately after I will receive any comments regarding the issue.

Can you please describe a detailed and exact workflow for this? We need to know how exactly you trying ti sort your files and the flow for implementing the “find and replace” action.

Looking to hear from you soon.
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I have a list of files attached to a Data Type called “Homework” via a data field called “Files”

In the downloader I have:

  • The URL field filled with: Current Homework’s File’s URL (List of URLs)
  • The Name field filled with: Current Homework’s File’s Name (List of Names)

To overcome the issue with commas in the file name, I changed the Name field to: Current Homework’s File’s Name Find and Replace (replace “,” with blank)

When using these exact expressions in text boxes, the file URLs and names are in the correct order. However, they are not saving correctly when used in the downloader.

Hello, @gbenchanoch
Thanks for the details.

Please allow me to discuss all mentioned points internally and to revert to you with feedback.
Thanks for the understanding.

Best regards,

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Hello, @gbenchanoch
Thanks for your patience.

By this message, I would like to notify you that we have fixed the issue with the commas in the file name (the latest version -1.11.0).
Please upgrade your plugin to the latest version and give it a try. It will help you to work with an upgraded version of the plugin.

Hope it will help you to move further with your app.
Best regards,


I have implemented the change and it seems to be working. I will keep an eye on it and let you know if there are any issues moving forward. Thank you again for the great service and send a warm thank you to the developer team!

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Hello, @gbenchanoch
Happy to hear that all is working properly :slightly_smiling_face:

You are always welcome!

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