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Easy Range Slider Bug

Hello to the Zeroqode team and to the Zeroqode community!

I purchased the Easy Range Slider and am super impressed by it so far! Unfortunately, I am coming across a recurring bug that I would really appreciate some help with!

I am building a page that allows users to search a database of listings based on a large number of parameters. The results of the search appear below the input fields and range sliders and update in real time as the search parameters change. There are 9 different range sliders that can be used to alter the search parameters.

I am attempting to create a “clear all filters” button that resets all input fields, checkboxes, and range sliders.

When the button is programmed to only reset one of the range sliders, it works fine. When the button is programmed to clear all of the range sliders, I consistently get the same error message:

"The plugin Easy Range Slider / action Reset a RangeSlider threw the following error: TypeError: a.data.createSlider is not a function

at eval (PLUGIN_Easy-Range-Slider-element_action–RangeSlider-Reset-.js:3:8) at https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_debug_js/84f595662337887425165e166c6fbf0d6c056b34ef92603a3a22b8717386a740/xfalse/x13:6:2030914 (please report this to the plugin author)"

I’ve attached a screenshot of the error message, as well, in case that helps

Please let me know how to proceed. I really appreciate the help!!!

range slider bug message|690x443

Hello, @bubbleguy!

Thanks for reaching out!

We’ve performed resetting input and few range sliders by triggering in the workflow plugin action"Reset Slider Range" (each one for each Range slider) and Reset data for input (the input was added to the group) and the plugin also responded with no errors.

So, to be able to help you out, please, provide us with your step-by-step actions, detailed screenshots of the button, elements that you’ve used, and the workflow. Making a screencast will be even better:) You can use Loom for that.

Best regards.

Hey Elena! Thank you so much for your prompt response and for looking into the issue!

I’ve identified the circumstance in which the bug occurs. As context:

The top half of the page has input fields, checkboxes, and range sliders. Most of the range sliders are contained in group focus elements. The bottom half of the page displays the results of the search. There is a “clear all filters” button that resets all inputs, checkboxes, and range sliders. (Note: I’ve tried creating a custom event that clears all filters and then making the “clear all filters” button trigger this custom event but it did not make a difference.)

Screenshot of the page:

Screenshot of the custom event that is triggered by the “clear all filters” button:

The bug/error message appears only if: 1) it is the initial page load and 2) none of the parameters are changed.

In other words, the bug occurs only when the first action I take when the page initially loads is to hit the “clear all filters” button.

This is the error message that appears:

I really appreciate your assistance on this matter! Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. Thanks @Elena!!!

Hi there, @bubbleguy!

Thank you for your feedback, we always pleased to hear, that we manage to help our users:)

As I can see from your screenshots, you have a lot of elements of the slider, which are hidden (you chose a state for them to not be visible on the webpage).
In this case, in Bubble, when the page is loading and the element is not visible, it is not being initialized. And then, when the plugin is trying to do a reset, it gives an error, because the element wasn’t recognized.

In other words, Bubble doesn’t know that there are such elements, so when it’s trying to perform an action, an error occurs.

Thus we can suggest you find a workaround for your design, where all the elements will be visible, so you can use the plugin to reset their values.

If there is anything else you need help with, please, let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards.

Got it - thanks for looking into this matter and for the thorough explanation, @Elena! I will come up with a work around. Thank you!

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Hey, @bubbleguy!

It was my absolute pleasure to help you:)

We are always here in case you need any additional support.

Best regards.