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Edit React Native with nocode?

Is there a tool which I can import the source code of a React Native mobile app and update the UI visually? Something along the lines of Shuffle.dev, BuilderX or Adalo but allowing me to import and export the code.

Here’s my use case:

I bought a theme which comes with mobile apps bundled with the theme. I want to improve the appearance (UI/UX) of the app so it looks more modern as the developers are stuck in 2010.

Is that even possible with any of the tools in the market?

What tool does that?

Thanks for reaching us.

We apologize, but our agency is focused on the no-code tool - Bubble.io.
It doesn’t come with any source codes because you are interacting with a visual editor, based on a simple drag-n-drop.
Meaning, there is no option to import any other source code either, unfortunately.

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