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Editable Data Table for Forecast Info

Hi, I am trying to use the Data Table Plugin to be able to enter/edit forecast for vendor/products for the year. Can I please have some assistance or advice?

I am even struggling to have data displayed in the preview. Based on the demo I have a table showing with the headers, but no data shows so I need help with the basics too.


Hello, did you enable the API as it’s mentioned in the plugin instructions? If you did please post some screenshots of your plugin settings so we can identify the issue,

Okay thanks @levon the API changes have been made, but the roles are listed as numbers. I’m assuming this is because I have role as a data type & list under the table’s data type. Is there a way to solve this issue?


Hi @diamond.simpson ,
What are you asking for isn’t currently possible, as bubble has some limitations when it comes to plugins. What you can do as workaround is to store the “Role” value also as text (lets say “Admin”, “Moderator”, “Redactor”), and display that instead the unique ID.