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Editable Data Table like Excel - Is it possible to click and navigate to a record?

This plugin looks like it would be so handy for us, but I just had one big requirement. Is there any way so that you can click a field name for example and then have it navigate to another page using that row’s data? Like if I have a list of opportunities, clicking one somehow would take us to the opportunity_details page with that row as the opportunity shown? That would be amazing as I could then use this to replace all our repeating groups in Bubble since this is so much more flexible.

Hello @lmoreau, we will analyse your request, and I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

Hello @lmoreau,
So on for passing the data, the best solution is to create in WF event “When grid A row is clicked”, and action Go to page with unique ID as ID parameter in URL. You can check it here.
On the page which you should redirect you have to create state, on Page loading define this state with Get Data from URL like here.
When your page recieved unique ID you are abel to display each data which you wants.
And enjoy it.

If you like our plugin you can rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor. Find the plugin by name and it give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to make things better in Bubble.

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Great thanks that seems to work. Just as feedback, it would be amazing if there was a plugin workflow action that allowed you to do a different workflow based on the column clicked, as that way I could have a popup open or whatnot only if you click the first cell’s value, as right now you can’t use the built in editor as it triggers the workflow at the same time if that makes sense.

The second question I have is, is it safe to assume it’s not possible to change the formatting of columns? Most are text, but some of them are phone numbers, so it’s showing them as just 4161231234 where it would be nicer if it did 416-123-1234 or even (416)123-1234 etc. Same with currency, lots are currency fields but the plugin shows numbers like 10.6 instead of $10.60.

Then the last question that’s probably the biggest issue is for any fields that are related, such as one field that shows “Created By”, it’s just showing the unique ID of the user there, even though in Bubble I have the primary field for User set to be their Full Name. Is that normal or is there any way to have it show the value from a related table here instead? Like even if I wanted it to show the creator’s email address, can I show values from a related table?

Thanks again!

Hello there @lmoreau, regarding first and last question, it’s impossible to implement here.

About the second one, we have to analyse this kind of functionality, and maybe we will add it, but we have another priorities now.

Thank you,

Okay thanks, that’s disappointing as it makes this plugin all but useless. You requested I leave you a review on it giving it as many stars as it deserves, so I’ll be sure to do that right now.

Hello @lmoreau .

Thanks for feedback and the suggestion. However as my colleague mentioned, the further improvements and changes which you’ve asked for, are not part of a roadmap, the plugin works as intended and use cases which we provide are a part of a finished and supported product. We stand by current iteration, if any new versions or revisions will come after with requested features, this will definitely be another plugin.
We always do listen everyone’s wishes and hopes for all products, and provide updates and improvements in order to retain the satisfaction, however there are cases when you can not provide anything due to limitations, either by library, bubble, or other factors.
As of right now, we had listened to you and provided guidance and all the support which we usually do.
Thanks for understanding.