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Editable Data Table like Excel Plugin does not work with versions newer than 1.12.0

I’m testing the functionality of Editable Data Table like Excel Plugin. I have a simple example that wasn’t working. I kept getting this: image

My last resort was to see if previous versions worked. When i downgraded the version to 1.12.0 it finally produced the table:

Hi Bryan,
we’ll check this and let you know

Hi @bryanekraus
I have a thread open where some changes were made to the plugin to accommodate fields where the editable table can present a drop-down list of other tables. When this went live, ONLY tables where this functionality was used work, and all the others broke.
I also have reverted to V1.12.0 while this is fixed

@bryanekraus we have fixed the bug for you, please upgrade to the latest version, refresh the browser and give it another try

@richard your issue has been solved too, i’ve replied in your initial thread

I’m having the same issue where when I preview the app it just has loading bars.

it must be something with the plugin configuration and app settings.
Please go through the instructions:

Here are the instructions how to make the plugin work.
Go to your app settings http://prntscr.com/inntef .
Go to API tab and enable option “This app exposes a Data API” http://prntscr.com/inntz1 .
Choose a data table which you’ll use in Editable Grid.
Go to Data > Privacy and choose fields which will be displayed in your grid http://prntscr.com/innwlr .
Go to Editable Grid settings and set your Data Type, columns and fields Unique ID which you want to display in Grid ( NOTICE! Columns name should be same as they’re in Database, upper and lower case should be respected ) http://prntscr.com/ino4y9 .

and also the plugin demo:

hope this helps

Yes, I followed all of those instructions. still doesn’t work.

I’m also having problems displaying data. I followed instructions but no luck. Any Help will be appreciated.

I Notice the demo site doesn’t load right away. It takes a long time. So I’m hoping mine is just taking long.

Hi there, we’d need as many screenshots of all your configurations as possible in order to help you. thanks

It still doesn’t work even on your Zeroquode website and hasn’t for at least the past week or so.