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Editable Data Table like Excel Plugin does not work with versions newer than 1.12.0


I’m testing the functionality of Editable Data Table like Excel Plugin. I have a simple example that wasn’t working. I kept getting this: image

My last resort was to see if previous versions worked. When i downgraded the version to 1.12.0 it finally produced the table:


Hi Bryan,
we’ll check this and let you know


Hi @bryanekraus
I have a thread open where some changes were made to the plugin to accommodate fields where the editable table can present a drop-down list of other tables. When this went live, ONLY tables where this functionality was used work, and all the others broke.
I also have reverted to V1.12.0 while this is fixed


@bryanekraus we have fixed the bug for you, please upgrade to the latest version, refresh the browser and give it another try

@richard your issue has been solved too, i’ve replied in your initial thread