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Editable Data Table like Excel - question

I’m thinking about purchasing this plugin. Quick question: will users be able to download this data as a csv?

Hi @hansdekk,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download data using this plugin. We encourage to test it in order to understand if can fit your needs. Please check Live Demo here https://zeroqode.com/plugin/editable-data-table-like-excel-1521718572202x306980888366284800 where you can also find more information regarding setup, and the editor here https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=editable_grids&id=zeroqode-demo-04&tab=tabs-1 to preview plugin settings and available actions.
However, note that it is possible to implement any additional API calls by using the API Connector plugin developed by Bubble. You can add features to your app at your own discretion, if the API provider disposes such functionality.

Hope it is helpful.