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Editable Text Elements - Plugin Bug

@alexander or @levon

I bought this plugin, but I’m having an issue / bug with it (Editable Text Elements).
I think it has to do with autobinding. When I edit the text element and add a new line (hit enter) to the “input”, then if data changes elsewhere in the app, it adds a whole other instance of that data into the “input” or text element, rather than changing what is there.
Here’s an example:

Hello, @blakefosdick. Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Indeed, there’s some improper behavior when you edit the text field, hit enter (live the new blank line), and save changes.

We will check this issue with our devs and I get back to you once there’s any useful info.

Thank you for your patience :pray:
Regards, Kate

Any update on this? @kate


Apologies for the delay. There’s still no update yet, unfortunately. The issue you have reported is partially caused by the Auto-binding feature - if you uncheck it, the issue will be temporarily resolved.

Still, we are investigating the plugin and some time is needed to decide the best way to fix it or change this functionality, to get rid of the text duplicating bug.

While we’re still working on this issue, can you please refuse from using the Auto-binding feature for a while? I hope it is not a core feature of your page functionality :slightly_smiling_face:

I will let you know once there’s any useful update. Thank you.
Regards, Kate

@blakefosdick, update:

Our dev team has investigated this case and, unfortunately, there is no way we can fix this issue. The main plugin’s functionalities are related completely to the “Auto-binding” feature and its refactoring means we need to change the whole plugin. And, as we may presume, there is no such need yet.

You may be interested in using any alike plugins like this. For example free and paid as well:

Apologies for the inconvenience :pray:
Regards, Kate