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Effect and Animation Plugin

Hi I subscribed for Effect and Animation Plugin

seems it was working fine but due to recent change in bubble upgrade. In input it appears text twice


Hi, @dalip.sethi!

Thanks for reaching out!

If you’re talking about our Cool animation effects for inputs then please try to reinstall the plugin and give it another try. If the issue is still facing please share a bit more details like setup screenshots, steps to reproduce the issue. The screencast would be super helpful. Loom will be the best tool for this case.

Thanks for understanding! :pray:
Best, Julia.

Dear Julia

Please see the video link. I couldnt uninstall coz if i unstall what about money i have paid for subscribe

please see the video. placeholder is not changing

Hi, @dalip.sethi!

Thank you for the screencast. Let me check this use case with the development team. I’ll get back to you asap. Meanwhile, try to reinstall the plugin and give it another try.

You are able to reinstall the plugin if it will be used in the same application. If you want to use this plugin in a new application, then you need to buy it once again.

Best, Julia.

Hi, there!

One more thing to check. Could you please check, is something written in the Input element settings in the Initial content field:

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best, Julia.

No Julia its not. Initial content is left blank

I see. And did you try to reinstall the plugin and give it another try?
If so and you are still facing the issue, then could you , please, add our [email protected] account to your collaborator’s list in Settings -> Collaboration so we could check the issue inside your application. Plus, please tell us the name of your Bubble application and page name where you develop it, it would be way easier for us to help you solve the issues.

That will be the easier and faster way to figure this issue out.

Note: Don’t pay attention to the alert message regarding Professional Plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add as to your collaborator’s list.