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Efficiency in getting data- Google Sheets

Hi Everybody,

Working on the Google Sheets Plugin, and using the Dmeo @levon and @Dumitru made. I think what I want is really basic. I want to grab all the values ( numbers) form a certain sheet.
That worked when I specified a 'Get value ( muber) exactly per cell, but I wanted to make it more efficient.

@Dumitru In your demo I see you grab the entire Sheet and put it into a customvalue:

I Remade that above. Now, when I want to show basically the whole sheet I do not know how to arrange this, because when I go in the specifics with ‘current cell’ it only wants to show me metadata stuff like ID, etc, not really the values.
How should I do this?

Hi guys,

Never mind,

Solved it via a different "Google SHeets Value ( numbers).

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Hi there, glad that you managed to solve it :slight_smile: Sorry for not being quicker to help you :slight_smile: