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Email is not working on producthunt clone

I have connected Sendgrid API key already on Bubble. When my users click ‘Forgot Password’ they don’t receive any email. What could be the reason?

Hey Bharath, i’d suggest you to search the Bubble forum (https://forum.bubble.is) and if you don’t find the answer simply repost this question there, thanks!

Thanks Levon. I could fix email issue from the Bubble forum.

One minor thing left which I am unable to figure from Bubble forum - Do you know how can I alter email subject and email signature? Both have ‘ProductBoard’ in it which I would like to remove.

you need to find the workflow with the action that sends the email you want to change. In that action you will see parameters which you can modify (subject, body, from and to etc.)

Found it! thanks @levon

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