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Encode/Decode plugin help

Hey, I have 11,000 entries encoded in my database using your encode/decode plugin. ( Encode Decode Encrypt Decrypt Plugin | Bubble

How can I run a workflow to decode all these things at once and then update the data, very urgent please help!!!

Hi @xtechaus,
Thank you for reaching out and for your purchase.

Let me please check with the dev team if the plugin library is capable of handling this many entries and I will get back to you once I have any news.
Meanwhile, if you have a test app with the described use case, can you please add our Support Team email to the list of collaborators to your application and provide a link to your app? This will allow us to check your settings and reproduce them on our side to find the issue.

To add our Support Team as a collaborator, you need to do the following steps in the Bubble Editor:
Settings > Collaboration > Add email support@zeroqode.com

Note: avoid the warning message regarding the plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

Looking forward to your reply. :pray:

Thankyou for the reply, unfortunately I must ask if this is even possible, as I see no way to decode anything from a backend workflow - I need to decode the data to allow the user to search through their entries, so this is kind of an urgent necessity.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by a test app, I just have my one app.

Have they not said anything? Been 18 hours sorry to rush but I can’t move forward on any development until these entries are decoded. I would have hoped these plugins worked with large apps.

Guys? Please I really need help. If I can’t decode these entries im done

HI @xtechaus,
Thank you for your reply.

Currently, the plugin has no action to encode/decode a list of items, unfortunately. Our dev team will check for additional ways of improving it and in case the plugin library allows adding new actions that would allow decoding a list of items from the database, we will let you know.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide any time frames since this feature request is a low priority at the moment, thank you for your understanding. :pray:

If I will have any updates, I’ll notify them in this forum thread.
Have a great weekend ahead.

Is there no way to search through encoded data? If not I’m fucked

Also I’m sorry but this is kind of ridiculous, I thought that maybe a recursive workflow would be my last option, but there’s no plugin options available in the backend workflow.
So… you created a plugin where a user is unable to encode or decode more than one entry at once, am I the only one who finds that really strange.

Hi @xtechaus,
Thank you for the additional messages.

We are currently looking into finding solutions for decoding a list of items from the database. Once I have any updates from the dev team regarding this, I will let you know.
All the best,

Hi @xtechaus,
We kindly appreciate your patience. :pray:

Wanted to let you know that we have updated the Encode/Decode/ Encrypt/Decrypt Plugin to Version 1.8.0, and added “List Encoder” and “List Decoder” actions. Removed “Escape” and “Unescape” encode methods.

Now you are able to use this plugin for encoding/decoding a list of things, for references you can check our test page and a short Loom video, where you can see the process of encoding/decoding a list of things, and saving them into Bubble’s database:

Also, please be aware that the list type in Bubble has a limit of 10.000 elements.

Please update the plugin inside your app to the latest version and let me know if it worked for your use case. :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a great day.

Thankyou, I am still confused on how to make this work on my dream journals, I think I have the first step setup -

How do I make a change the dream journals to update these things?

Hi @xtechaus,
Thank you for your reply.

Please check our test page for references: zeroqode-demo-09 | Bubble Editor

The first step is to Encode a list of things, after that, you save the value in a custom state (list type) and use its value to make changes to the list of things.
See the screenshots below:

Hope it helps. :pray:
In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, feel free to reach out.
All the best,