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Is there any documentation or demo on how to use the Encode / Decode Plugin? I’ve subscribed to it for the past few months and just starting to incorporate it in my workflow, but not sure how to get it working. I want to encrypted strings (Names and Messages) as an additional layer of security in my app.

What’s the best workflow to AES a string of characters? Also, is this actually secure because the key is within the workflow / pages? Would this be visible to an attacker and have the potential to be comprised?

Thank you,


Hi @gilles
We will setup the demo page any soon and let you know.
zeroqode team


Hi @karel - can you send me a quick demo or note on how to setup the encoder. Here are a few tries on my attempt to AES a string input:

I’m not getting any output encrypted characters. Also the same with HMAC.

What am I doing wrong with the plugin?

Also, what is the block size for this AES - 128 / 256?

Thank you


Hello @gilles
Sorry to keep you waiting.
We have created the demo page, where you can see how we settled the AES. It’s strange, taht it doesn’t return anything for you, as the encoder should works eachtime, as long as you use at least one letter.

Think problem can be one less known bubble glitch. Can you please change the “encoded value” from “This input’s value” to “Input A’s value” and let me know if this is your case? Sometimes bubble just cannot recognise the input by “this input” and fails.


Hi @karel. Thanks for putting this together. I can see the preview and test, but can’t access the editor. It keeps requiring me to log into bubble, which I do, but I can only see my own templates / apps.

Are you using AES 128/256?

Thank you


Hi @gilles
sorry the app was marked “private” by accident, i have changed it to “read-only” for everyone,
here is the link https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=encode-decode&id=zeroqode-demo-09&tab=tabs-1