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Error Google Sheets + Offline

please make sure you fill out all the parameters correctly. When you update the row you need to specify the sheet, and then position of the row. See our demo page as an example

editor mode: https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=index&id=googlesheetsplugindemo

I already did that

This is the google sheets file


You sheet name is FORMULAS while in the plugin you write Formulas

Thank you, but it doesn’t fix it :confused:

what do you enter in the “row values” what is in the dynamic input that has those values?

what exactly you enter in that input?

Input 1OwUcjkUiAfDwpkunB19FOshLMnEcXXpX45cEpI2yEIc(name of the input’s value

Sorry for bother you. but I really need some guide about how to solve this problem, I’m a designer not a developer but I really gonna try to follow your advices. Thank you.

we will add “append row” action to our demo page so you can see how it’s configured and do the same. hope that would help. Will let you know

Hello @julian

Sorry for taking this long, we added new actions in demo to test it out. See the demo page: https://googlesheetsplugindemo.bubbleapps.io/
Also check out the editor setup here: https://bubble.is/page?name=index&id=googlesheetsplugindemo&tab=tabs-1

Hope this helps.

ZQ Team.