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Error plugin ZD Rich Text Editor

Hey all @levon

Since tonight, I got the following error when the ZR Rich Text Editor page load

The plugin ZQ Rich Text Editor / action Set initial content a RTE - Main version threw the following error: a.data.setContent is not a function

As a consequence, it makes the app bug.

Can you fix it please ? :slight_smile:

Hello @jv.hirigoyen ,

Could you please provide us additional information, screenshot of setup of your workflow, and a short video, which actions have been caused to this Error, i suggest you to use Loom browser widget for video record.

Thank you.

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solved …

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Glad it’s solved!
If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated to build great plugins :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :pray:

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