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ERROR Stripe Marketplace Plugin Bundle - Create Card Token

when creating a card token the following message appears:


Hi @epb,
Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply due to the weekend.

We highly appreciate you using the Top 10 Plugins for Bubble which includes the Stripe Marketplace Plugin.

In order for us to understand better what possibly went wrong with the plugin inside your app, can you please provide more information about your use case, specifically, screenshots of your setup, plugin element, workflow, and a brief Loom video detailing your setup, the problem you are experiencing, and the anticipated outcome?

These details will help me reproduce your setup on my side and look into it with the dev team.

Thank you once again and looking forward to your reply. :pray:
Best regards,


We are using Stripe Marketplace to connect Doctors (sellers) with Patients (buyers). The plugin worked perfectly to connect Doctors to the Marketplace in both product and dev environments.

The Patient requires to connect their credit card to the platform using Stripe. To do so, she needs to input her name, card number, card expiration date (MM/YY) and CVC.
(The StripeMarketplaceToken - Customer is an element in the page)

Once she clicks the button “agregar tarjeta” (add card) the following workflow runs:

  1. We create a Credit Card Token using the element action Credit Card Token StripeMarketplaceToken_bndl-Cuidador using the inputs from the UX

Here is where the error arise

Once the CardToken is created, that will trigger the CardTokenCreated and we will use the action Create a Customer

Then we will update the user Customer ID

Delete a previous user card if exists

Then we are going to create a credit card in the marketplace

and store the user card id created

You have the complete workflow. I think with this information you can replicate the error.

Please let me know if you need more information


Hi @epb,
Thank you for your detailed reply.

Please try to avoid these expressions: converted to a number and use simply as Input’s Value.

Also, make sure your inputs have the following content format for each field:


*Card Number

*Card Exp. Month

*Card Exp. Year

*Card CVC

*Card Holder Name

Please try my suggestions, and let me know if they helped. :pray:
If the issue still persists, please send me a screenshot from your browser with the debugger in step-by-step mode once the button “agregar tarjeta” is clicked to see the workflow values.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

I made the suggestions you made in the content format for each field:

But the problem persists

Hi @epb,
Thank you for your reply.

I’ve carefully checked the provided screenshots and reproduced your setup on my side, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get this error message.
Please check the test demo page: Zeroqode-demo-24 | Bubble Editor
And the screenshots:


Please make sure you are using the latest version of the Top 10 Plugins for Bubble.

If you are on the latest version of the plugin and the issue still persists, will it be convenient for you to add our support@zeroqode.com account to the list of your app collaborators and share the link to the editor, name of the page where it is located and steps to reproduce the issue on our side, these details will allow us try to find the root cause of your issue? Please disregard the warning message on the Collaborators tab, since Zeroqode is an Agency account that can be added to any Bubble app.

Thank you once again and looking forward to your reply.

Hi Igor,

Thanks for sending the demo. I was able to identify the error. The Stripe Marketplace Element was not visible at page load.

Thanks for your support



Hi @epb,
Thank you for your reply, glad you fixed the issue. :slight_smile:

In case there will be any other plugin-related questions, feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to help.
Best regards, :pray: