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Error with Dwolla - Receive money from Customer action in Dwolla plugin


Hi, on this page in this app:

I am using the Plaid & Dwolla plugins to create an on-demand authorisation request to transfer funds from customers bank accounts and am able to execute all steps outlined in this documentation:


Except the actual transfer, which is throwing this error:

As you can see in the workflow debugger from the screenshot above, previous workflows have provided the links and tokens needed for the authorisation request, and the valid authorisation can also be seen in Dwolla as follows:

So its unclear to me why this error is occurring. Has anyone seen the error before and/or know whether I have implemented the plugin incorrectly or this is a bug?


Hello @mike1, thanks for reaching out!

Our team will analyze the issue reported by you. We will check the plugin and app in order to find a solution ASAP. I will let you know when we will have a solution.

Best Regards,


Hi @alex.grimacovschi - any update on this?

If this plugin is not popular and unlikely to be well supported by Zeroqode I’d be keen to know as it may mean we choose to move away from Dwolla as our financial gateway.


Hello @mike1,

The request regarding the issue is being processed by our team. We are doing our best to provide a solution as soon as possible. The provided support doesn’t depend on the popularity of the plugin, we always strive to provide the best support. Sorry that now it is taking longer than you may expect.
Hope for your understanding!

Best Regards,


OK - thanks for the feedback @alex.grimacovschi. Look forward to hearing the result of the teams analysis.


Hello @mike1,

Our team has updated the plugin. Now the issue with receive money action should not more appear. Please update the plugin to the latest version to have the version with bug fixes available.

Best Regards,