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Estimly Response ID not saving


Hi ZQ team,

I have recently purchased the Estimly template and I love it!

However, upon testing it appears that the response ID is not saving and therefore the email links to the estimates doesn’t work and only takes you to the form rather than the quote.

Will this be due to a feature not working as I’m testing on a free plan or a bug?

Thanks in advance



Hello @shaun, could you please share with details of issue, small video and screen shoots of properties of elements which works with id.

For video record i suggest to use Loom, we will investigate everything and will be back with the answer asap.

Thank you,


Hi @Nikita.S,

It’s been a mad day… I’ll shoot a video to you tomorrow :slight_smile:




Here is a quick walk through of the issue: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Wnuwpy5G


Hey @shaun did you set up Random.org api plugin ?
Check please this one photo.

Thank you.


Hey @Nikita.S!

Thanks for that… yes that was the problem. All sorted now thank you :):smiley:


@shaun Hello.

Glad it works well for you.

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