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Eventbrite Clone Demo Cannot Search by Location



I was just testing the Eventbrite clone template ‘Eventy’. When you try to search / filter all events by a specific location it doesn’t work. I tested it with location ‘Boston’ and although I can see there are example events located in Boston - all location events were shown (not just Boston ones).

Does this mean that the functionality is not provided by default?



Hello, @plato39

Sorry for a delay on response, we’ll look into the issue and update on the matter asap.
There may be an issue with the search parameters set in place.

Zeroqode Team.


Hi, @plato39.

Checked the template and you see it’s not an issue per se. We intentionally raised the radius of the geo-location search so that users who leave their location enabled in browser and test out search outside of US can see results since most of them are US based location written in DB.
This can be reworked and changed to one’s needs. Here is the logic flow if needed for changes:

Guess this should clarify the issue place.

ZQ Team.



Thanks for your reply. So - just to clarify:

If I am in Berlin and wish to search for events happening only in New York it would be possible to achieve this with only minor configuration changes? It should be possible to search / filter by a specific location - regardless of the users geographic location - right?


Yes, definitely just by changing 10 000 kms down to let’s say 40-50 km you’ll be getting results which are specific to only that location. And yes, this search doesn’t depend on user’s geographic location