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Eventbrite Clone Super Admin

Is there a super admin for this plugin where we can view, delete events posted by users?

Hi Keith
yes, there is an admin page for the users to manage their events https://eventstemplate.bubbleapps.io/manage/mind-the-product-san-francisco-2018-1531512315612x598761918480515100
but and additional dashboard can be created for the superadmins so it also has the event moderation - this shouldn’t be very complicated to do once you buy the template

May I contract you to help me customize and teach one of my team a few things? I hope I am not breaking any forum rules by asking this.

Hi Keith,
it’s ok to ask this, however we have a project minimum of $3000, so not sure if it’d work for you.
But you can hire any other bubble developer by posting here https://forum.bubble.is (under freelance category)