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Eventy - Cannot register more than 1 attendee on multiple ticket selections

I recently purchased the Eventy template and in my tests, it appears that the API Workflow is only creating 1 registration even though the check-out is for multiple tickets (in my test case 3).

Based on the demonstration video, it shows that when multiple tickets are selected (1 of one ticket type and 3 of another), 4 registration forms are added to registration fill out for each attendee.

Is there something I am missing in this? Do I need to set a particular setting to get this to function?

I have upgraded to a Personal plan as there was Schedule API’s that wouldn’t run, but all of these seem to be fine, except this.

Can you please clarify?

Thanks very much

Hello @lyndon.apthorpe, sorry for delayed response, our team is analysing your problem, i will be back to you ASAP.

Thank you,

Hi @Nikita.S,

Any update on the above?


Hello there @lyndon.apthorpe, so on the API workflow for creating individual registrations for each ticket item is now recursive to avoid database clash.

If you didn’t make some changes in your app with our template install a new version of the template, or in case if you already made them check the following workflow action you have to update:

Page /event -> Workflow Button Checkout 2 is clicked (Blue Colored) -> Step 3

The following should be deleted in API workflow:

  • new_checkout
  • new_registration

The following reusable elements should be deleted:

  • ticket-selection

Also, the Random API plugin should be upgraded and new instructions should be followed to get a new updated API key.

I hope it helps you.