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Example website using OpenNode


Hi team,

Would it be possible to get access to an example bubble app that has the OpenNode
bubble plugin payment gateway so that we can troubleshoot where we are going wrong with the implementation on our own apps? This would be an absolute life saver!



Hello @emmanuel.carrabin

Please check out the demo setup: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=opennode&id=zeroqode-demo-18&tab=tabs-1
for the plugin.
Hope this helps.


Perfect, thanks so much @Dumitru

From this demo, I am unsure now how to get payment confirmation once the correct bitcoin amount has been transferred across. I’ve tried including an API Endpoint that ‘should’ be triggered by the callback url, although I haven’t been able to get it to work so I think that I’m misunderstanding something. Is there in ‘industry standard’ as to how a process like this should be set up from a workflow perspective? Another way I thought this could possibly be handled was by creating a Custom Event with a 1-2 hour time lag, so once the bitcoin payment workflow has been made, the custom event will check that the payment has gone through successfully (and likely need to confirm the payment amount to the order amount). Any direction/assistance would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Hi @emmanuel.carrabin

OpenNode doesn’t send any webhooks for onchain bitcoin transfer/withdrawals. They say it is synchronous and as such, once the API call is successful the transfer would be successful as well.
You can schedule an API event to check the withdrawal object for status change if you want.
Or maybe integrate a different Bitcoin notification service if one exists.