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Excel-table seems to be broken

It’s not loading the editable version.

It’s my understanding that it will not traverse my table properly if I’m using references to other types (which I am), right?

Hello there @ryan1, our team is checking now this case, when it will be done I will update you of a matter.

Thank you,

Can it resolve references to other tables?

I hope so, it would be helpful, but very often when I check out your plugins they are not working properly.

Hello there @ryan1, so on this feature is implemented in the plugin.
you have to make next steps:

  1. To make your table accessible you have to enable checkbox here
  2. And then to define your columns like here, for more details check show documentation like here.

But you are not able to add more than one field from another table.

Thank you,

It still doesn’t work on your site however


So on @ryan1, I’ve added that feature to demo page, please check the first row of the second table, PhoneNumber field

Thank you,

Thanks for finally fixing it!

So, can you show one of the elements being a different object? So you can point to another thing instead of put text?

That would be awesome. I basically want a list of other Things

Oh I see, you did do that, it just doesn’t have any data in the phone list of things so it fails.
I get it.

I will try it with my project.