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Expose RSS Feeds from Bubble app



I’m not sure I understand your PlugIn Page for the mentioned PlugIn correctly.
Does the PlugIn provide me an RSS feed containing data in my Bubble app?

Example: Let’s say we have a CMS. A User wants to expose a RSS Feed which shows relevant information stored in the Bubble database. The expected output is an RSS Feed as we know it from e.g. Wordpress. Is that what you can achieve with the PlugIn?



Hey Alex,
yes, you got it right, that’s exactly what this plugin is for, to expose RSS from a Bubble app based on Bubble data (whether from database or from any other dynamic sources like API etc)


That’s remarkable. Will try it out and see how it goes.


Ok, played around with it but not sure if I get it right:
_The Plugin works fine for incoming RSS feeds (e.g. you want to display different RSS feeds on your apps website)
_There is not possibility to expose an RSS feed for e.g. external RSS readers

Am I right so far?
Also: I don’t understand how to use items from a database for the RSS feed Plugin. Where do I need to adress e.g. the “title”?



Hey Alex,
i’m terribly sorry but it seems that I have misled you, i was sure that the plugin exposes RSS from Bubble app but it seems it only imports it.
I can reach out to Bubble and ask them for a refund, can you please let me know your Bubble account’s email address?
Very sorry about that


Ah, don’t worry. I was just so excited because an external RSS Feed or JSON Feed would be such a great and helpful thing.
And just in case you guys get bored with your existing Plugins - there would a huge demand for such a new one. :grin::wink:

I’ll PM you my email address. Thanks for the refund!


Will keep in mind, Alex, thanks and sorry again for the confusion :slight_smile:


Hey Levon!

I’m in the exact same boat as Alex, haha. Should have visited the forum first… :smile:

I just purchased your RSS plugin some minutes ago, hoping to create a RSS feed from data within my Bubble database. I agree with Alex that there would definitely a demand for this. I was trying to get data pushed to Mailchimp – but I can imagine a lot of other possibilities with Bubble data being easily accessible via RSS.

I will also send you my email address, if you can also refund me that would be great. Thanks!



Hey Robert,
sorry about that, we’ll add this to our roadmap and will see what we can do
can you send a refund request to [email protected] and put my email in the cc? ([email protected])


Done! Thanks for the quick support – appreciate it.


Hey @robbertmastebroek and @AlexKa we have added the possibility to generate static RSS feeds in the plugin. here is the updated documentation about how it works https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/expose-rss-feeds-from-bubble-app-plugin
Hope this is helpful. thanks!


That’s great news @levon , thanks so much for adding this! Definitely gonna check it out when all my other non-Bubble work calms down a bit :slight_smile:

Will I be able to set it up in a way that Bubble will automatically update the feed contents every X hours/days, using Scheduled Workflows?

Thanks again!


I believe so, Robbert, check the documentation link that i have included in the previous message, it will shed light on how it works