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Extended Slack - Sending messages as a bot

Hello there,

So I am currently freelancing for a company who uses Bubble.is and they require orders to be sent to a page on slack, at the moment I have a test setup to send a message (as a bot) to the channel once a button is clicked.

All the relevant information has been supplied to the plugin (Client ID&Secret) although unfortunately, no luck has come to posting at all in slack, I have ensured that I am also posting to the correct channel ID, and the app is on the workspace.

Here is a picture of the workflow:

At the moment we are currently implementing a support form that forwards the request to slack.

Would there be any debugging tips I should know of?

Best Regards,
Shay Punter.

Hi Shay,
do you get any error messages? Do you see anything in the debugger when you try to run this workflow maybe?

Hello Levon,

Unfortunately no, otherwise I might of been able to figure why it isn’t sending anything.

I have used the debugger in a step-by-step process along with a slow running process to catch any errors, although nothing pops up, what’s left me out of ideas to try.

Best Regards,
Shay Punter.

i’ve just checked and it worked fine for me, i received a message in the channel
make sure you are using the right channel ID and also check this link https://api.slack.com/bot-users and follow all the instructions