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Failure to redirect back to "new listing page" url after connecting stripe account

Hello. I have a redirect url issue with my platform.

I have a user who intends to list a device on the platform. After accessing the “new listing page” and setting up to connect to the stripe account, the page fails to redirect back to the “new listing page” url.

How do i rectify this? Stripe’s wordy instructions lacks clarity due to the complex technical jargon and language usage. Your assistance is needed a.s.a.p. I would appreciate it if someone with experience/expertise can guide me step-by-step via a more digestible, visual direction.

Below are the screenshots;

you need to go to your stripe dashboard, then click on “connect” then on “settings”
and use this redirect URI https://bubble.is/poststripeauth
you’ll see Client ID - you need to copy and paste this into your Stripe plugin in the template. (there are 2 versions - Live and TEst)
there are other settings in the Connect section, please configure all of them

Dear Levon,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and assistance. That’s what i call great support.
You’re awesome.

Best Regards

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