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Fastest Google Autocomplete - Create Session Token

I need some help setting up a session token so that I am charged per session and not per character when using the Google Autocomplete. Same issue a reviewer had.

Anyone know where to start?

They wrote:

*when I first used this plugin some months ago, the API costs increased so drastically that I had to stop using it. But, after some rich discussions with the Zeroqode team (kudos to the excellent *
Katherine Oleinikova) that has been very responsive and attentive, this plugin has improved in a way that the Google API costs decreased very very significantly, which means that I can now use it for my app. In a nutshell: before we paid Google per request (almost per letter typed by the user), and now we pay only once the user chooses an address (per session). This is a major improvement costs wise.
Thanks again the Zeroqode team, and specially to Katherine

Hello, @ebrammer
Thanks for reaching out.

Please be informed that the Google Places Autocomplete Plugin has “Contact Data” & “Atmosphere data” parameters in the Appearance fields. If you activate both of them the full information will be returned from the searched place. Fields in the Atmosphere and Contact categories result in an additional charge. If you deactivate these fields the basic information will be returned.

You can also take a look at the documentation for this plugin in order to see all information about these Appearance fields; also you can find there the guide on how to set up the plugin:

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you. :slight_smile: