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Fastest Google Places Autocomplete RE: Phone number, biz hours, place id

Wondering if you could add the ability to return

  1. Phone Number
  2. Business Hours

Also it would be great if instead of just having the user select to update the google places info, if you could also set the place through the workflow using its google place id.

Hi, @anne

Thank you for your interest and for sharing the ideas.

Regarding the ability to return Phone Number and Business Hours, unfortunately, we are unable to do that due to the limitation of google documentation. Your second suggestion to set the place through the workflow we find to be a really useful improvement and we will definitely add this functionality to the plugin. The implementation process will take some time but we will let you know once the functionality will be ready to use.

Thanks again and have a nice day!

Bummer about Google documentation. But great about the second suggestion! Thanks so much! Do let us know when that functionality is available! We are excited to implement it!

Hi @anne

I have some great news. We updated the plugin and now it is possible to set the place through the workflow using its google place id. Also, we managed to find a solution for adding new state fields. Now besides earlier existing fields is available:

  • Phone Number: (number)
  • International Phone Number: (number)
  • Opening Hours List: (text)
  • Is Open Now: (yes/no)
  • Rating: (number)
  • User Ratings Total: (number)

This is awesome! Thanks so much! We are implementing it right away!

Hey @anne

If you like our plugin, could you please rate it by going to Plugins tab in Bubble editor? You can find the plugin by name and give it as many stars as it deserves :slight_smile: The more feedback we get, the more motivated to build great plugins :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :pray:


I cannot get any phone, website or hours from the plugin.

Even the demo you have setup is not producing any contact information. Do you have any idea why? That was the main reason I purchased the plugin.

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Thanks for getting in touch and for choosing our service. We’re currently reviewing your question and will get back to you as quickly as we can. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Take care.

Best regards,

Hello again @agim, :wave:

To access phone, website and hours information through the plugin, you need to enable the “Contact Data” field in the plugin element settings. If this option is not enabled, the plugin won’t be able to retrieve or show any contact details. Please check the plugin element settings in your project and ensure that the “Contact Data” field is enabled. This should resolve the issue and allow you to access the contact information as expected:

As refference for this functionality you can use Test page that I have created.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best Regards,

Thank you. That was the issue.

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