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Feature Compare: Jobly vs Cleanly - Merge or Choose?

I am looking to launch a cleaning company. I really like the Jobly template services and Dashboards and UI very much. I also like the Cleanly layout and efficiency as it compares directly to a relevant product and allows the customer to pick, choose and prepay.

In the future, I would like this to be a native app. Also, I would like to be able to upload videos to AWS for security purposes when at the location.

So my question is
-How do I merge template features? Is it a bunch of zero code plugins?
-Jobly template looks more robust than Cleanly template. How do I add the Cleanly template features to Jobly template on the front end? Jobly looks like a heavier app in general.
-Which one is better to build on to move forward long term? For example, adding in the Harvest time management app on to this.

What is the best and fastest way to accomplish this?

Hi @blueblazingmedia
thanks for your questions.
Merging templates is possible but is a but cumbersome,
i would suggest instead to use cleanly as a separate app on your main domain, let’s say youromdain.com
and jobly as a standlone app on a subdomain. for Example app.yourdomain.com
if necessary data and action exchanges between the two can be configured, as well as single sign on features so that users would use the same credentials for both.
makes sense?
Hope this helps

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Hi Levon,

I’m a bit of newbie learning as I"do". I have playing with Single Sign ons before and I appreciate your suggestions. WOuld the second in this case Jobly have to be hosted on bubble.io as well? (I’m guessing yes!)

Also, connecting the two to be seamless integration form the outside, would that be managed by a plugin or would custom dev be needed? For example as a customer it would be nice to have the next scheduled visit scheduled in cleanly appear in the jobly dashboard somewhere.

-If I wanted to to push this to a native ios app down the road, is it possible to adapt all the functionality into an app for both with the option to for example a customer could schedule & pay from the native app? My concerns are load speeds. slow is death.

-To avoid liability issues I’m going to have the maids where cameras. I’d like that video data to be associated with the final customer account but seamlessly and unviewed uploaded to AWS cloud. Would this association be incorporated into the jobly page by account code or through a plugin or something? I’m assuming that this would be seperate?

  • Lastly, I’d like to incorporate some of the jobly dashboard into building management companies that operate whole buildings in NY, Seattle, etc. For example this business would be an added amenity to the building. Is it possible possible to connect through jobly to a building management API or built in concierge service through API?

Thanks! All input welcome!

yes, both would have to be on Bubble as separate Bubble apps

that would be custom dev

yes, we have a great solution for that https://zeroqode.com/native so you don’t have to rebuild using native code

we have a plugin that allows uploading any files to AWS S3 storage. However i’m not sure what technology will you use for recording the videos and how that process will be automated. I believe it’s possible but would need further research

connecting almost any APIs is possible, as well as Bubble can expose API for other software to connect to the Bubble apps. So, that should be possible, with few exceptions.

hope this helps

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