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Feature Request: Share TO app


I have a learning / read-later app published on App Store relying on a different wrapper. I got feedback from users asking me to add a “Share TO app” feature. “Share TO APP” means that the app shows up as a sharing target when they use the share function in other apps (e. g. YouTube, Twitter)

Codeless Academy Native App Wrapper supports this feature. I am hesitant to sign up with their wrapper because they rely on a third party for in-app purchases. Below a link to their documentation to provide a better understanding what this feature is about.

Do you plan to support this feature?

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Hello @mmm,
Thank you for reaching out, we kindly appreciate your request.

I can tell that this request is currently under our dev team’s investigation. Once it will be implemented - I let you know, but unfortunately, at this moment, I’m unable to provide you with any approximate time frames.
Thank you for your understanding.

In case there will be any other product-related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to help. :pray:
Best regards,