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File uploads + Video Capture for a video delivery service?

I’m building a workout app. We already have a ton of clases recorded (over 100) and need a reliable service to upload and deliver these videos. Youtube and Vimeo are not good options. Youtube messes with the music, and Vimeo is slow. I need an in-house solution.

I’ve been reading a bit about Upload Care. Would this service work for this purpose? I would build a backend Admin where we can upload all clases, then deliver them inside a player of sorts.

If not, which would you guys recommend as the ideal plugin stack for this?

Hello @alejandrowunderlich, thank you for reaching out!

Yes, sure this service can be used for your scope. The file-uploads +video-capture plugin, which is our solution for integration of Uploadcare in Bubble, allows to upload videos and then use the URLs for displaying them. Please consider that the available storage depends on the Uploadcare plan. Over 100 classes could require a lot of space in storage, so it’s better to check the pricing in advance. Here you can find their pricing.

I hope it helps,

Best Regards,