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File uploads + Video Capture

Hi I have a few questions regarding this plugin.
Is there a time limit enabling multiple time recording choices (for example 1mn max or 2mn max…) for a user (and for uploading also)?
Is there a visible timer avaliable while recording?
Is there a possibility for the user recording to save this video on its own support for other uses?
Can you incorporate a thumb image on the video?
Where are your servers hosted?

Finally is there a documentation or video listing precisely what is available with this plugin?
Many thanks for your answers and support.

Hi @bordier.arnaud,

Thanks for reaching out. Everything is possible with our plugin as asked above but perhaps except for the thumb image on the video if I understand you correctly.

The server is your own Uploadcare account.

We don’t have a documentation, but we do have demo app here and its editor here where you can test and preview all the features yourself, before purchase.