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Files and folders do not appear on and it does not generate the sharing URL

“I’m using the Storage App (Service). When I create a folder or a file through the plugin on, the file simply does not appear on, nor does the sharing link. When I search for these files through the plugin, they appear as created, but I cannot locate them on Box either by ID or by the created name. I’m having a lot of difficulty using the plugin because I followed all the steps to create the app and it simply doesn’t work. I have other apps created on Box that work normally using OAuth2, but this one doesn’t work at all.”

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Hello @bconnectorbr, :wave:

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Please review plugin docs, It’s important to ensure a few key aspects are correctly set up:

  1. Double-check that the OAuth2 settings for this particular application are correctly configured within Box and match those required by the plugin.

  2. Ensure that you’ve correctly set up the service account in Box and that the plugin is using the correct credentials for this account. This involves setting the correct ‘Server Authentication (Client Credentials Grant)’.

  3. Verify that the service account has the appropriate permissions to create and share files and folders within your Box account. It’s possible that the items are being created but are not visible due to permission or visibility settings.

  4. The plugin might be creating files or folders in a location that’s not immediately visible in your Box account’s default view. Check if there’s a specific folder set in the plugin settings where the items are being created.

  5. Demo Page Example: It’s also beneficial to compare your setup with the plugin’s demo page to see if there’s any step you might have missed. The demo page showcases how the plugin should function when correctly configured.

Additionally, I’ve checked our live demo for the Storage Service Account plugin, and it’s working as expected, which suggests that the plugin itself is functioning correctly. If you’re still encountering issues after going through the steps outlined above, it would be immensely helpful if you could provide more detailed information about your setup and the exact issues you’re facing.

Consider recording a short video walkthrough of your process, for instance, using Loom. This can provide a clearer view of where things might be going wrong. When recording, please include:

  • The specific settings you’ve configured both in the plugin and in your app.
  • The steps you’re taking when attempting to create folders or files through the plugin.
  • Any error messages or issues as they appear in real-time.(console logs)
  • Try using bubble step-by-step debugger.

This detailed insight could be crucial in pinpointing the exact cause of the issue you’re experiencing. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and I’m here to help you resolve this as smoothly as possible.

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Hi again @bconnectorbr, :wave:

I hope you’re doing great! I just wanted to follow up and ask if everything is working smoothly for you now. Were my suggestions helpful in resolving your issue?

I’m here if you need any further assistance.

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