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Files Pro - Multi-File Uploader BUG!

I need help with the Files Pro - Multi File Uploader plugin in

I paid for the plugin but it doesn’t work when i specify the files extension (it works when i revert back to the version “2.97.0 - Updated Description”).

See below:



always when i put the files extensions it doesn’t upload anymore (it works when any extension is enabled) and i need this feature URGENTLY!!!

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I am having the same exact issue. I want to use the most recent one with the uploader status fix and element sizing but the lastest version doesnt not work for specifying file types. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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Hello @thiago.peralti and @luch ,
Thank you for contacting us.

I am sorry to hear that you have had difficulties with our plugin. We have passed this information to the development team, they will check it and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Hello @luch ,
Thank you for your patience.

I’m excited to share that we have effectively resolved the issue with the Files Pro - Multi-File Uploader action and have updated it to version 2.103.0

Could you kindly update the plugin within your app to this latest version and confirm whether everything is now operating smoothly? :blush:

Feel free to explore the plugin’s functionality on our demo page.

Your patience and cooperation throughout this process have been greatly appreciated.