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FileUploadNoGU Issue

I am able to upload via the file uploader no problem. But when I try to upload via the FileUploadNoGUI I get the error “Select file for upload”. How do I fix this?

Here is a screenshot from the console.

Hello, @thomasgbostwick
Thanks for reaching out.

Usually, the Bad Request error (404 code) means that the keys you are using could not be found by the plugin or the bucket settings are incorrect.
Thus, in order to check what’s wrong on your side, please record me a video, where you are uploading file through the File Uploader and FileUploadNoGui element ( I also need to see how they are configured).

I am looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

How do you want me to send the video? I show in there how the gui version is working just not the no gui version. We followed the directions on your site to setup.

I’ve just tested our Demo Page and need to note that it’s working properly.

Thus, as I mentioned above, I suppose that the issue is in your settings.
If you can’t record screencast, please share the screenshots of your current settings for the plugin element.

Best regards,

Just want to note that the gui version is working. So, if that one is working I am assuming my AWS settings are correct.