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Firebase authenticate plugin

i subscribed firebase authenticate plugin. could you please explain how can i make user signup and login through mobile number.

Hello @bentoj72,
So for the Firebase Authenticate, you have to:

  1. Access Google console
  2. Sign in in your account and create a project.
  3. Then you have to choose in API Library the API which you needs and
  4. Enable it for your project.
  5. Next step is to create credentials for this, click here and create API.
  6. Then just copy the API key and paste it in plugin API key input.

Then proceed by next steps like here .

But you can only set up the sign up, sign in via google account, not by mobile number.

Hope it helps you,
Thank you,

Thank you. I have a suggestion.
Bubble users are almost non-programmers and they are not aware of backend coding stuffs.
Those who little experience in coding and database, they will use bubble API connector to connect firebase and they will mannualy use get and post.
People like me, who purchase this plugin, they may be not aware of the coding stuffs. Thats why they are purchasing this plugin, to make it easy. still we have to read and study everything (still confusion is remaining due to the lack of basics) Please provide some demo video or documentation to understand terms you are using in the plugin. May it is only my problem.

Take it as a suggestion only. And please send me any documentation of terms you are using or instruction regarding this plugin if you have.(not the steps for connection procedure to connect firebase project)

Thank you.

My problem is: I have an app. its using google mobile auth login. so the same mobile auth i have to use to in website to login users profile. is it possible?

I was asking about this.

Hello, @bentoj72 so the sign-in via mobile number isn’t supported by our plugin, that why I told you that isn’t possible.

And unfortunately, we have a lot of plugins and a lot of documentation now is in the process of creating, but it still isn’t ready for public access.
The only one demo for this is https://zeroqode-demo-11.bubbleapps.io/firebase_service_account. But it describes the same process which I already described you in the previous post.

Thank you for your suggestions we are happy to receive feedback from you.

I am confused. could you please help me to read and right firebase data in bubble and back? i dont know how to do it.
i will share my bubble interface design.

i will show you database structure also

i have a mobile app to save personal data. i am using mobile auth to login the app(from user side)
for bubble i can use neutrino mobile auth with a dummy email.

i need auth and public way to aceess firebase in bubble

Shall i unsubscride the plugin? I am not able to use the plugin without proper documentation of terms and things used.

Hello @bentoj72 I will provide you an instruction ASAP.

Thank you.

Thank you. I am waiting for your reply.

I am waiting for the instructions.
thank you

Hello there @bentoj72, we listened to your suggestions and now we are creating the demo which will cover all yours and other users needs, this is #1 priority for our team now.

When it will be ready I will be back to you ASAP.
Thank you for your patience.

Hey there @bentoj72, we created demo for your needs.

I think it should be informative for you, now you can check how to set up read and write data from the database.

Thank you for you patience.
Enjoy it.