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Firebase Authentication Questions

I am considering a purchase of the Firebase Authentication plugin.

Question 1) Is there any documentation for this plugin? I can’t find any.

Question 2) What authentication methods does this plugin support? Twitter? Facebook? Google? Apple? etc. I saw on a previous thread that phone is not supported. Is that still true?

Question 3) Is there any error handling via this plugin? In the demo, when the password does not meet the 6 character requirement, it pops up a non-user-friendly error. Is there a way to present this more cleanly to the customer?

Question 4) On the demo, I can query parts of the structure (ie “Name”), but it returns a complicated string (ie {“Code”:“12345678”,“Name”:“Johlln Doe”,“Number”:“12345678”}). If I want to extract the name, how do I go about that?

Cheers - Ned

Hi @nedbrush,

Thanks for reaching out.

Specifically this Firebase plugin doesn’t come with a documentation, but you are able to preview its demo editor here and check how plugin works and all its available features/settings. And perhaps replicate the workflows if you will, to make things work on your side as well.

You are only able to signup/login with your Firebase account by using plugin’s available actions:


It doesn’t come with error handling features, unfortunately. But the 6-character password requirement can be presented in a more cleanly way by simply using Bubble’s logic. So you can just add a popup message with desirable design which uses a friendly message if password requirement is not met, but the idea is that when you hit the button that triggers the signup/login workflow action, it is going to show this error message anyway, which is good for debugging. But if you want to workaround it, you can set a condition to check for password requirement to be met and you can signup only when this condition is met.

Sure, you are able to extract any data you want from your objects. You can find more instructions in this thread - Which kind of query do we use in the Firebase Authenticate Plugin

Hope it helps.


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