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First Time Non-Coder looking for seamless transition from website to Native ios and android mobile app

Please forgive me if any of this points have been discussed before. If I am correct then please confirm, If not then please say so and explain. I guess what we all need is enlightenment. I would really appreciate honest responses.

Again forgive my level of understanding with my questions. I have multiple websites that I would like to convert to apps.

So the zeroqode software/platform has already been built and it has all the premium features

  1. Is this actually a native app with premium features or just a wrapper that syncs with your website. Any changes on the website will automatically change on the app.

  2. Will this apps be limited in any way as opposed to building it from the ground up natively ?

  3. Does it give you the option to pick your icon ?

  4. Is the price quoted on the platform a one off fee ?

  5. Is the transition process compatible with word press themed websites ?

  6. Would I be required to pay any further ios or android fees ?

  7. Why would I need bubble ?

  8. Is there efficient customer support or do I need to get a developer ?

  9. So absolutely no coding skills required ?

  10. Would I need to register to the app stores ? If so, what is required ?

  11. Back up ? or should I need to rely on my website hosting and server.

  12. Does this have toggle push notifications, and a variety of other powerful native features and SDKs ?

  13. Would I need to maintain Android & iOS source code at all ?

  14. Am I able to extend or modify the full downloaded source code ?

  15. Is this a 100% white label solution with no external ads and just my own branding ?

  16. Any other issue that may arise i.e. what do I need to make sure my website has ? is there any issue that I may encounter

  17. Will my apps be approved by Apple and Google Play with your service ? Is it 100% guarantee ?

  18. How long after conversion will my apps be shown on the app stores ? Screenshots ?

  19. Does Zeroqode select the logo and app icon from my website ?

  20. Any other thing I should be aware of ?

Thank You

Much Appreciated

@levon - seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this

hmm, missed it somehow. Not sure if @noritecompanyltd still wants to get answers to all those questions. If I hear back we’ll try to go through them, thanks!