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🏋️‍♀️ Fitly Fitness Center - New Template from Zeroqode


Fitly - Fitness Center Template is made without code and is suitable for fitness centers or gyms to build their online presence. This fully responsive template can be used to organize gym classes, schedule sessions, assign instructors, enroll and collect payments from gym members etc. Fitly will help you build a no-code app to attract health-conscious audience to the website.

Intuitive admin panel will allow you to easily manage website content and its members.


  • A slider to showcase different gym images
  • An enroll button to sign users up for membership
  • Admin dashboard to manage classes, schedules, instructors/trainers etc.
  • Stripe integration to collect payments and subscribe members
  • Newsletter subscription module

Live demo: https://fitnesstemplate.bubbleapps.io/

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I purchased the Fitly template. When I click on “ADMIN” it gives me this message: “You cannot modify the template, please purchase the template first and check documentation on how to enable modifications”. I cannot find any documentation that explains what I need to do to get it working. Can you direct me to the documentation? Many thanks!

Hi @10after11, thanks for reaching out.

We’ve checked the supporting documentation on our side and find out that the related instruction is missing. Apologies for any inconvenience created. We will add the required information in a short time.
Until then, please use the following steps in order to get full access:

  1. Assign a particular user to the admin role. Namely, go to the Editor page > select the “Data” compartment > App Data > All Users > then choose a particular user and press “pencil” button to modify the entry > change the “Admin” field value from “No” to “Yes” > press “Save”.
    See here the example

  2. When you will log in to the app under the user profile with admin rights, you will be able to clear the admin panel from unnecessary notifications and remove all restrictions. Earlier, for security reasons, this was impossible due to restrictions on some app elements. On unclickable buttons, please remove the condition as it follows in the screenshot.

  3. All app elements you may find in the “Elements tree” section, left upper corner of the editor. In order to delete the pop-up notification - please use this screenshot as guidance

Hope it helps.