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Fixes to apply on Social Feeds Like Yikyak template

  • log in does not work properly: once you login with an e-mail then you cannot login again with this same account

  • replies to posts are not available

  • images to upload in posting are not available

  • functionality to see the last posts you like does not work

  • no funcionality to share posts in other social media is available

  • no functionality to create a profile, if user wants, is available

  • there is no geo location detection functionality to speak with people around you

Could you, please, give a look at and activate?
I bought the template and is quite frustrating.


Hi Fatima,
thanks we’ll check this out but a few comments:

this is not supposed to be part of the app, it’s an anonymous social network .

again this is not required because it’s an anonymous social network.

this should be there, we’ll point that out

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Thank you, please, keep me informed about updates on these.
Thank you

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Hi Fatima,
we have just updated the template and tried to implement most of what you requested.
Please create a new app based on the template to see what has been changed.
Please let us know your feedback

Thank you, Levon. Which is the configured radar distance to chat with people around you?

we increased it significantly, for the demo purposes, but you can reduce it down to whatever makes more sense in your case, it’s just one parameter