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Flixly template

Hi everyone, I’m thinking of getting the flixly template on a new project I’m working on. However, some of the aspects of the template look outdated and incomplete especially the mobile version.

Just curious if you guys have any plans on updating the template? I’m specifically thinking about the functionality on the individual movie pages and for example better experience on mobile (horizontal scroll for example).

Sincerely, Brooke

Hi @brookelustig, thanks for reaching out.

We constantly work to improve our templates, and we wish to have them all running smoothly. We are testing/checking/updating our templates all the time, but due to the fact that they are quite complex apps, it might take more time than expected.

We would be grateful for any feedback from your side, that can fasten this process.

Also, allow me to note that all our templates are fully customizable, which means it is possible to change almost any design/functional part (solid Bubble skills are needed). By default, it provides basic functionality, which you could adjust accordingly to your requirements.

Thank you for understanding.

In case there are any other template-related questions, please let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @serg for the response. One last question is the template built as a single-page app?

Hi @brookelustig, thanks for the question.

No, it has also the following pages:

Hope it helps. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


@serg sorry a follow-up question:) Would it be pretty easy to convert the app to a single page app in your opinion or would I be better off starting from scratch without a template if that’s the goal? I would really appreciate your advice on this.

Hi @brookelustig, any product-related questions are welcomed :wink:

In this case, I would recommend starting with the concept of the app that you would like to build, and after having a graphic sketch of the application, it will be easier for you to decide if the template will (not) met your expectation.
Please note that on the template page you can download the Sketch/PSD files which will help you with that.

Hope it helps.


@serg playing around the flixly theme right now, looks great! One bug I noticed is the space between the nav and the bottom on mobile specifically on the app page. Why is that and how do I fix this?

Hi @brookelustig, thanks for your appreciation.

It is not a bug, this way we avoid the overlap of the bubble button and floating menu.
After the Bubble button disappearing (when a Bubble paid plan is purchased), you can move the floating group down to the bottom of the page.

Hope it helps. In case there is anything else that I can help with about the templates, please let me know.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Hey @serg, thank you for the tip, that fixed it. Loving the Flixly template!

One more question, how do I show only a specific genre (for example drama) in the RGFilm repeating group instead of all films? I’m sure there is an easy way to show only a specific genre but for some reason, I can not get the data of the genre to populate, any advice?

Hi @brookelustig, thanks for your appreciation :slightly_smiling_face:

By template’s default functionality, you can add a specific genre from the admin page, for example, drama

and then, add movies to this particular genre

so, they will appear under a certain category search

Hope it helps. If I’ve misunderstood your request or you have any other template-related questions - please let me know.

Thank you and have a nice week!

hey @serg sorry my explanation was not very clear. Here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to do.

How do I make sure that the first section only shows action movies and the second drama and so on? Thank you again for your help!

Hi @brookelustig, thanks for the clarification, now it is more clear.
Sorry to tell, but we don’t provide support for customizations that expand beyond the scope of the template.
Allow me to provide a hint that might be helpful for your case:

  • to display a certain genre in a repeating group, you need to adjust the settings of the data source field, by adding corresponding constraints.

Please use the following guide for reference: https://echolaketech.com/2021/01/02/how-to-handle-a-list-of-things-using-repeating-groups-in-your-bubble-io-no-code-web-app/

Hope it helps. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help with :wink: