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šŸŽ¬ Flixly Video Streaming like Netflix - New Template from Zeroqode



Flixly - Video Streaming like Netflix is a no-code template for online platform where you can post film and shows, broadcast them and earn on subscription (like i.e Netflix, Hulu or Vudu).

  • Thematic Landing page
  • Fully mobile responsive design for all pages, with intuitive navigation
  • Subscription plans via Stripe
  • Admin page with graphs and administrator features
  • Streaming Video Content
  • Profile dashboard

Live demo: https://netflixtemplate.bubbleapps.io/

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Now Iā€™m testing Flixly. In creating new film, is only Vimeo URL available? Youtube URL is not available for my testing.


Hello, thank you for reaching out!

The video player can display videos only from one source Vimeo or YT video. Currently, the selected option is Vimeo but it can be easily changed to YT. Also further it is possible to change the plugin for displaying the video if you will want to get rid of these limitations.

Best Regards,