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Food Delivery like Uber Eats - New Template from Zeroqode


Hi there
Can user search restaurant on current location ?
Can we ask user for location permission to offer local restaurants list?
Can we modify delivery option like pick up yourself .Also link 3rd party delivery service provider?


Hello @rahulchhallare91,

Currently, the user sees the list of all restaurants and doesn’t have a search field. But it is possible to integrate the functionality of searching for restaurants by location.

Yes, sure, everything about our templates can be customized after you purchase the template you will be able to integrate all of the above-mentioned functionalities.

Best Regards,


wow, what a cool and convenient app! In what countries is it available? Can I use it in England? I’m in Manchester now, can anyone send me manchester postcode map? anyway, I often travel and would like to know where I can find a list of all postcodes? and does it show the time when the delivery will be carried out?


Hello @csgo.expertt,

Thank you for reaching out!

There are no geographical limitations for using the template. Yes, it is possible to use the template in England.

I don’t really get what is the relationship with the postcodes. Could you please provide a few more details regarding what are you searching for? I will do my best to help you.

No, this is not displayed but the template is fully customizable and it is possible to integrate this functionality.

Best Regards,